The Jane Series : Featuring works by Layla Luna

13 May - 26 June 2021

The Jane Series


Artspace111 is excited to introduce The Jane Series by Layla Luna. Through abstracted colorful geometric paintings, Luna uses the concept of pie charts and mud pies to address the over-analysis of our daily lives in the digital age. Luna compares the pie chart shape to the shape of the nostalgic childhood mud pie; a symbol of the simplicity of life, childhood freedom, and creating with abandon.


Through many facets in the work, Luna subtly hints at female artist empowerment. The Jane Series references her inherited middle name, Jane; a name she shares with her cousin, maternal grandmother, mother, and daughter. This name acts as a link between the stories of all the women in her family. Luna completes her work with titles referencing heroines from childhood stories shared by her family, thus transforming the series into an anthropomorphic work.  Each of the paintings becomes an individual courageous “Jane.”