Layla Luna is an exhibiting painter with a focus on southwestern landscapes and the
author/illustrator of a children’s story series called The Lolly Stories. The exploration of
home, nature, and storytelling are the major components of both her painting practice
and illustrations

A defining aspect of Layla Luna’s studio practice is making work in series. Each body of work may differ from one to the next in regards to materials used and specific themes, but two reoccurring interests serve as a common link: our interaction with nature and the attachments we place on objects, spaces, and architecture. The idea of home, as well as its physical structure, has come to embody these interests.


 Luna was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1975. She received an MFA in Painting from Texas
Christian University in 2016 and a BFA in Painting from Arizona State University in 2008.
She studied at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand where she obtained a
Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art in 2011. Artist-in-residence programs around the
country have played a large role in feeding her need to explore and make work in new
environments. Currently Luna resides in Azle, Texas with her daughter, husband, and
three pups.