Seeking at Artspace 111

Christopher Blay , FW Weekly, February 28, 2018

Christopher Blay reviews two exhibition on view at Artspace 111 concurrtenly -- group show City Symphony and Jim Malone's solo exhibition Gold Rush


For City Symphony, Artspace 111 brings togther five different artists, Daniel Blagg, Maureen Brouillette, Pat Gabriel, William Greiner, and Kim Cadmus Owens to share their own vision of the urban landscape.


Malone's Gold Rush is located in the back of gallery like a hidden gem. His work is a combination of painting and drawing, "resulting in strange, sometimes hallucinogenic effects." Blay writes. On the formal aspect of Rio D’Oro, Blay writes: "Traces of red paint struggle to the surface from below the gold leaf, creating a swirling section of canvas that plays against the slight curvature of the horizon. The figure seems to float on a thin layer of gold in the middle of space, with seemingly no direction or urgency. Malone’s paintings give that sense of calm, and in the moments of pause that they convey, we are reflected in those golden, shiny surfaces."