Artists Bring Different Techniques to Wide-Open Landscapes

Gaile Robinson, Star-Telegram, March 25, 2009

Dennis Blagg, Jim Malone, and Pat Gabriel have been featured in the exhibition American Landscape: Urban/Rural at Artspace 111. Blagg has something different to display this time. he displays some hyper photorealistic small-pencil works that look like black-and-white Big Bend photographs rather than a new painting.  Jim Malone adds new elements to his Westernmost Texas graphite drawings -- text messages and GPS information circle the drawing. Robinson writes:"The ragged outer perimeter of the various paper sizes gives animation to the piece; the text messages that encircle the pages like a constant news feed identifies the location and its longitude and latitude." 


Gabriel displays mostly "blue-infused landscapes." His cloudscapes with low horizon line reminds Robinson of the  African Savanna but with a Texas twist -- "a tangle of scraggly bushes or dozens of electrical wires will stretch across the field of view."