9 - 27 September 2008

Artspace111 presents a solo exhibition by Ed Blackburn entitled News - paintings, drawings & prints. The show will open during Fall Gallery Night, Saturday, September 6, 2008 with a reception for the artist from 2 - 9 pm. Guests are invited to enjoy beer and wine by Ben E Keith, and water by Acqua Panna / San Pellegrino. The artist reception is free and open to the public.


Ed Blackburn's art is oddly in sync with the completely out-of-tune state of the world. His canvases are peopled with recognizable figures who seem to be trying to respect the ludicrous or support the insupportable, while their thoughts simultaneously skitter off to other subjects in order for them to catch their breath and their balance. It's all a dopey film noir; it's Tarzan and Steve Canyon; it's pulp fiction with a jittery edge, and it's happening now. This is what it's like to go crazy: one cannot quite stomach the conventional deal. The sky is falling; the suits have no clothes.


Blackburn puts a new spin on the surpassing strangeness of being alive today. He bombards his canvases with visual static, coming at the image from all directions like a sandblaster exposing the monstrous truth: these people think all their posturing has some bearing on reality. Blackburn lifts an image that is supposed to make sense and, by attaching seemingly irrelevant sidebars, opens it out explosively. These canvases convey exactly how weird "normality" is.


All the characters - good or bad according to one's own slant - take on the creepy sameness that they enjoy in real life. But here they have become bona fide art, as layered as a Rauschenberg, as jumpy as a Mondrian, as complex as a medieval tapestry of castles and unicorns.


Artspace111 is the talked-about new gallery in Fort Worth - a museum-like display space in a rustic brick warehouse by the railroad tracks, combining a world-class operation, a hip clientele, and nationally ranked artists in an open studio setting. We hope that you will include us in your broadcast calendars and mention us on any relevant shows, because Blackburn's art and broadcast or televised news programs are made for each other.


Artspace111 is dedicated to its vital role in the city of Fort Worth, and to making contemporary art approachable to individuals of all ages. With its sculpture garden and its distinctive architectural character, the gallery offers a striking setting to host corporate and private events, and is also available for tours and other social gatherings.


Artspace111 is located east of Downtown Fort Worth at 111 Hampton Street. The gallery is open Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 5 pm, and by appointment on the weekends. To schedule a private viewing, contact Margery Grella by calling 817.692.3228 or emailing To schedule an event, contact Taylor McDaniel by calling 817.909.7490 or emailing


We look forward to seeing you in the gallery!