Out Of Reverence Or Disregard: Ty Wilcox

24 March - 5 May 2018

Featured in the studio at Artspace111 for FWADA Spring Gallery Night 2018 is Ty Wilcox's, OUT OF REVERENCE OR DISREGARD, recent works on paper that explore Man’s never-ending quest to push beyond what is possible. Whether it’s conquering the highest peaks, exploiting nature to our benefit, or defying the set order, we consistently make decisions that impact the world around us. Regardless of motivation we often lack the foresight to contemplate the full consequence of our choices.


FWADA Spring Gallery Night is a celebration of arts and culture throughout Fort Worth. Galleries, Museums, Pop-ups and other creative institutions open their doors all through the city, inviting all to explore the ever expanding creativity in Fort Worth. Artspace111 will host a full day exhibition, with food, drinks, and live music by Peter More, the former front man of Austin-based group Oh Whitney, with special guests!


Artist Bio | While growing up on a farm near Dallas, Texas, Ty Wilcox’s childhood was abundant with adolescent troublemaking where riding lawn mowers was considered a competitive sport. Wilcox proudly remembers “raising hell” alongside his older brother, frequently joyriding his father’s jeep down the country road with a cloud of dust following close behind. While loosely following in the footsteps of his father who owns a commercial printing business, Wilcox discovered his passion for the fine art of printmaking while attending Southwest Texas State University. His interest in car culture began at an early age, but little did he know that his fascination would later influence the majority of his artwork during his graduate studies at the University of North Texas and continue into his professional career. Wilcox is currently residing in San Antonio, Texas where he is teaching printmaking, screen printing and two-dimensional design.