In my work I seek to provide a narrative and document what is happening in the present moment around me, I do this by telling stories using imagery and composition. Told from my perspective, these stories are personal to me however I've found that they’re not unique to me. These are the narratives of our society and culture in our time. I stack imagery in my work to provide structure to the account. Sometimes the stack of objects is chronological, a linear timeline starting from the base then moving to the top. In other cases the imagery could be in order of relevance or importance. The object at the bottom of the piece holds that placement because without it nothing else could stand, it’s what that object represents that is the foundation of the story.


I make art about my current surroundings, heritage, and family. I feel that it’s important to document the story of my family so that my children will know who we were and where we’ve come from. My hope is that through my work they will be able to look back on what we’ve overcome as a people and that they would draw strength from their identity. I want future generations to see the resilience of my grandfather who despite coming here with nothing built several businesses, acquired massive amounts of property, obtained several degrees, and somehow raised eight children along the way with his wife of over 50 years. I also document our failures and shortcomings for the same reason; for future generations to know who they were and move forward from it. I have two daughters and I hope that they are superior to me in every way that one person can be to another. It’s important to me that they know the strength and resilience that runs through their veins. I feel that these stories don’t just belong to me. More than just for my children I want these stories to be around for all the future to see. Although told from my perspective these stories are not unique to me and my family. We are all human and we overcome despite the odds. I’m currently working on a series of woodcuts titled The Pandemic Prints, these document what I’ve observed around me over the last few months. I believe that we're all connected through experiences, these experiences sometimes cross over racial and economical lines and are worth documenting.