Ender Martos is an Austin based artist whose fantastical use of color and space has led him to design visually striking work that forces the viewer to move around, engage, and actively exist among his creations. He is the recipient of the 2019 Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center Award of Excellence and his work couldn’t be anymore excellent. Martos is an immigrant who migrated to the US seeking out the American Dream of art, culture, and prosperity. Martos keeps to his roots by pulling influence from his hometown near the Andes Mountains of Venezuela. It was there that he was first exposed to the vibrant and inviting colors of nature. His work is a positive representation of the passion and commitment our society demands of us to create growth and success for our future.


With a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin, Martos is an experienced Visual Artist skilled in Geometric design, Contemporary Art, and Abstract paintings. He uses his technical drawing experience to blend the lines of sculpture and painting by incorporating acrylic paints, monofilament line and Plexiglas. Ender Martos’ intention to create a harmonious effect that engages the eye as well as the mind and body is brought to life through the interaction of the translucent material and three dimensionalities of his pieces. Although interactivity is at the core of Martos work, the construction is entirely analog. The arrangement of the Plexiglas, aluminum, and reflective surfaces are a means for connection between Martos, his art, and the viewer. In this, his experiences become the viewers and allows us to question our own identities as our perspectives are skewed.