"I work across a number of styles and mediums, including drawing, painting, photography, collage and large wall works. My practice is characterized by a willingness to try new approaches in the ongoing investigation into new materials and visual languages. As well, my painting practice emphasizes the importance of failure as a way of moving forward, and challenging established structures. I use the space and exploration the work provides to visualize the invisible nature of the human experience." -Stella Alesi 


Stella Alesi has resided in Austin, Texas for the last 25 years. Her work is part of many private and commercial collections. Her most recent solo exhibit took place in the summer 2019 at The Commerce gallery in Lockhart, TX. As well, the large scale art piece, "simplify" was installed in August 2019 in the lobby of The Foundry in Austin, TX. Currently a full time painter, Stella taught photography at the Austin Community College and ran a successful photography business for over 15 years.