Carol Ivey’s subject matter consists of found objects, including fruit and flowers from the garden, bird nests, cracked and broken vases, and drying sunflowers.  These ordinary objects are elevated beyond their everyday value in Carol Ivey’s carefully arranged, serene compositions. Carol Ivey's studio, located in the Near East Side of Fort Worth, plays a vital role in her paintings and drawings. The north-facing, arched windows flood her studio with muted sunlight, casting a cool, diffused light over her subjects. Carol Ivey elaborates, “The muted windows act as a screen, admitting light into the interior while revealing few details of the outside. Objects are both illuminated and obscured by this backlighting. These works are created from direct observation under the condition of natural lighting in my studio.” –Carol Ivey

The Fort Worth based artist received a BA in studio art from the University of Texas at Austin. Carol Ivey has taught numerous workshops and classes and has served as juror on exhibitions across north Texas. In 2013 and 2009 Ivey was a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize in Houston. Ivey has won awards for her submissions in Preservation is the Art of the City in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012. Her work is included in the collections of Baylor All Saints Medical Center, Fort Worth; Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth; Fidelity Investments, Boston; Frito-Lay, Inc, Dallas; and Texas Instruments, Dallas. Ivey is currently represented by Artspace111 in Fort Worth, Texas and by The Hunt Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.



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University of Texas at Austin, BA, College of Fine Arts, 1971

Baylor All Saints Medical Center, Fort Worth
Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth
Diabetes and Thyroid Center of Fort Worth
Fidelity Investments, Boston
Frito-Lay, Inc, Dallas
Texas Instruments, Dallas