Robert McAn

born 1958





1991    Master of Fine Arts, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

1982    Bachelor of Art, North Texas State University, Denton, TX





2019    Artspace 111, Miniatures, Fort Worth, Texas

2017    Ways of Looking, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth

2016    Kimbell Art Museum Red Party Art Auction, Fort Worth

2015    Old Jail Art Center, Permanent Collection exhibition, Albany, Texas

2011    Implied Landscape, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth

2009    Trinity Perspectives: Views of an Urban River, Fort Worth Community

Art Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Art of the Everyday, UT Dallas, Dallas

2008   Identity Theory, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth

2007   TCAIN Auction, (Featured Artist), FWCAC, Fort Worth, TX

           William Campbell Contemporary Art, Season Opening (Upstairs Gallery).

           Fort Worth, Texas

2006   Artist Christmas, Camp Fire Association, Winner-Best of Show

           AAA, TCAIN Auction, Fort Worth Community Art Center, Fort Worth

2005   Symbiotic, UNTArtspaceFW, Fort Worth, Texas

      Robert McAn, Suspect Definition, REM Gallery, San Antonio, Texas                                                                                 

      A Focused Vision, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas

2003   Artifice, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas

2002   Artist Christmas Auction, benefiting Camp Fire Girls, Fort Worth

           Squish, Estevan Arredondo, Robert McAn, Steven Price, R.E.M. Gallery,

          San Antonio, Texas

Modern Art Museum Fort Worth Art Auction, Fort Worth, Texas

2001   Black, White and Gray, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

2000   Dot Duvall, Robert McAn, Jo-Ann Mulroy, 414, Fort Worth, Texas

1999    The Beauty Show, The Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

1998    Healing Wings, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas

1997   Kate Budd, Dianne Greene, Robert  McAn,  500X,  Dallas, Texas

Safe as Houses, Robert McAn, Cristophe Neumann, Steven Price, 414                                          Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas

1996    GTE Corporate Headquarters Exhibition, Dallas, Texas, (curator Glenn        Nerwin)          

1995    Digital Dramas, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas

            (Touring in 1996 to Laguna Gloria Art  Museum, Austin, Texas and

                        Houston Center for Photography, Houston, Texas)  catalog

Gender-Myth and Exploration, University of North Texas Art Gallery, Denton

            a.k.a. Billy, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas

1994    Paradoxical Scale, Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas

Cultures, Galveston Art Center, Galveston, Texas

Icons of the West, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth

1993    Longview Invitational, Longview Museum of Art, Longview, Texas

                        curator:Al Harris

      Texas Art Celebration, Cullum Center, Houston, Texas

1992    Rewriting History, Robert McAn / Marcos Rosales

            500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas

1991    The Perfect World in Contemporary Art,        San Antonio Museum of Art, San                              Antonio, Texas, curator:Jim Edwards (catalog)

           Directions on the Wall, Robert McAn and Anne Starnes

            Dallas Artists Research and Exhibition temporary space, Dallas, Texas

            Trance Medial, Mysticism and Technology in Contemporary Art

            First Street Alternative Space, Austin, Texas

                        curators:Murray Camp and Kevin Curry


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Selected Collections


Mr. Brad Alford, Fort Worth, Texas

Sasha and Ed Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Sid Richardson Bass, Fort Worth, Texas         

Sonny Burt, Dallas, Texas

Lucy Darden, Fort Worth, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Darden

Ed and Pat Ducayet, Dallas, Texas

Vernon Fisher, Fort Worth, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Fortson, Fort Worth

Mark Adelos Gorton, Sacremento, California

Gail Granek, Fort Worth, Texas

Cindy and Mike Holt, Fort Worth, Texas

Shel Kasmir, Dallas, Texas

Nancy Lamb, Fort Worth, Texas

Richard Michael and Mike Williams, Arlington, Texas

Susan Morrelle, Fort Worth, Texas

University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Old Jail Art Center, Albany, Texas

PageNet Corporation, Plano, Texas   

Ted and Mireille Pillsbury, Fort Worth, Texas

Joachim Pissarro, New Tork, New York

Dana Read, San Antonio, Texas

John Reoch, Dallas, Texas

Edmund Schenecker, San Antonio, Texas

Jack Schoernborn, Dallas, Texas

Helga von Gravenitz, Basel, Switzerland

Barry Whistler, Dallas, Texas

Kimbell and Mitchell Wynne, Fort Worth, Texas                                          


Work Related Experience


1997-present   Membership and Special Events Manager, Kimbell Art Museum

1994-1997       Membership Manager, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

1994                Independent Archivist, Charles Cowles, New York, New York

1993-1994       Adjunct Professor of Art, Austin College, Sherman, Texas

1991-1993       Assistant Director, Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, Texas

1991-1994       President, 500X Gallery, Dallas, Texas

1989-1991          Assistant Director, University Gallery, University of North Texas

1989-1992          Adjunct Professor of Art, University of North Texas


Professional Lectures


            AAM, Upper Level Membership Giving, Houston, Texas, 2011      

            AMMMC, Atlanta, Georgia, 2003

AMMMC, Membership 202, Denver, Colorado, 2002

Introduction to Odds and Ends Exhibition, University of Texas, Dallas, 1997 AMMMC, Telemarketing 101, Birmingham, Alabama, 1996

            Artist Talk, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, 1996

            Museum Professions Lecture, University of Texas at Arlington, April, 1996

            Loaded and Coded, College Art Association Conference, Washington, D.C.

                        February 21, 1991 (at request of Miriam Schapiro, New York, N.Y.).


Curated Programs


            2006    Show Offs II, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas

            2003    Show Offs, William Campbell Contemporary Art, Fort Worth, Texas

1998      New Texas Talent, Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas

1997      Duck and Cover, Brad Cushman, Dorothy Duvall, Mark Monroe, University of Texas at Dallas

1996    ODDS AND ENDS, Anitra Blayton, Paolo Canulla, Derrick Saunders, Steve Watson, University of Texas at Dallas

1993    Remastered, 8 Contemporary Texas Artists, Transco Tower, Houston

Terri Cummings, Chris Hogg, Kathy Lovas, Ida Green Gallery, Austin College, Sherman, Texas

            1992    Considering the Evidence:Mike Kennedy and Kathy Lovas

Hickory Street Annex, Dallas, Texas, plus An Evening of                                       Performance:Aaart Guys and the Stu Mulligan Project. Dallas Museum of Art, co-curator Victoria Montelongo.