Devon Nowlin on the Cover of Fort Worth Weekly

Anthony Mariani, Fort Worth Weekly, September 26, 2018

Devon Nowlin received another insightful review and was featured as the cover story of the Fort Worth Weekly, written by Anthony Mariani.  The author writes, "Nowlin’s technique is delightfully, slightly impressionistic. For us viewers, being able to feel the paint with our eyes is part of the fun. She’s still able to create translucent reflections and diaphanous patterns. Photorealism is great and all, but without a message –– even if it’s political, even if it is, like most of Nowlin’s, suggested merely than stated –– what is the photorealist doing that the photographer isn’t? When art becomes an Olympic sport, I’ll root for the photorealists (and Marshall Harris) every time. Until then, ensnare us in your wild imagination, artists. Lord knows we need some escape. Some of us may even need something to hang over the fireplace."