Artspace111 x Texas Sculpture Group

10 September 2022

Artspace111 is excited to continue its outdoor sculpture collaboration with the Texas Sculpture Group for a second consecutive year. The Katie F. Wright Sculpture Garden attached to the historic Fort Worth gallery will open this exhibition to the public on the Fort Worth Art Dealer’s Association Fall Gallery Night on September 10th. This collaboration brings Contemporary Sculpture to Fort Worth in an environment that is inclusive, serene, and accessible. Artspace111 is honored to present 5 Sculptures from 6 Texas Sculpture Group Artists. Artists included are Roger Colombik, Danville Chadbourne, Braydon Gold, and Kevin Stanford.


The Katie F. Wright Sculpture Garden is located near Downtown Fort Worth attached to Artspace111 and is open Tuesday-Friday from 11am-5pm and Saturdays 11-2pm.

Installation Views