Call For Muralist(s)


Public Art Call for Muralist(s)


Artspace111 is thrilled to announce a call for Texas muralists to design and execute a mural on the exterior of Artspace111’s iconic 109 year old building. The North facing wall is passed by 24,000 drivers on Weatherford Street every day leaving Downtown Fort Worth. Eligible artists will be Texas based. Artists must be willing to meet contractual obligations and adhere to the budget and timeline. One artist or artist team will be selected.


Artspace111's Vision:


We welcome your vision! We encourage innovative ideas and diverse use of media/materials that create an accessible work for all and contributes pride to our community!


Identified Mural Area Description:


Artspace111 is looking for a Texas-based artist to execute a large mural on the North side of the building. The wall measures approximately 72 x 22ft  and is red brick. Artists are not strictly limited to the North side of the building and are not required to cover the whole wall. For example, the Artspace111 team is open to a mural that wraps around to the front (West facing side) of the building, or a mural that leaves exposed brick.


Application Requirements:


Artwork Proposal Powerpoint Presentation

Submissions must be in presentation pdf format, such as Powerpoint, limited to 20 pages maximum.  The presentation must contain:


1)     The artists contact information: Name, email, phone number, mailing address.

2)     Social & Web Profile information: Website URL, @instagram, etc.

3)     Proposed artwork for Mural Project. Renderings using images provided by Artspace111 are encouraged but not required. Images of building can be downloaded here.

4)     Narrative, summary, or intent of the piece suggested.

5)     Artist Statement*

6)     CV

7)     3 – 5 image examples of past completed work, identifying each work by title, materials used, and dimensions.


*Artist Statement

This statement should be brief, explaining why you want to be a part of the Artspace111 mural project, what your mural contributes to the outside space and the gallery as a whole, and explaining the artists personal ties to Texas. If a team is applying, explain the team member’s roles and why your team’s experience makes you the best candidates for this project. Please limit this to one page.


How to Apply:


Please send your single document with all of the above information to with the subject line reading “Muralist Application-Artist Name.”

Public Art Call for Artist(s)


Project Details:


Total project budget $8000. This amount includes the cost of supplies and equipment rental. Artist(s) will have to provide safety certification for any operational equipment that requires safety training. Artspace111 will not provide additional funds outside this budget for supplies and equipment rental. We realize each artist works differently with different materials, and for that reason, we are giving flexibility to the chosen artist to work within the available budget. Artspace111 will disperse ½ the funds at the beginning of the project, and the remaining ½ when the project is completed. Artspace111 will own the copyright of the mural artwork.


Deadline For Submission:


Presentations should be submitted to by January 15, 2021. Artist(s) will be notified by February 1, 2021. 


Timeline For Completion:

Mural complete by March 15, 2021.